The Biggest Loser Retreat operated by Golden Door Australia get ready to welcome guests for a health and wellness overhaul

The Biggest Loser Retreat operated by Golden Door Australia get ready to welcome guests for a health and wellness overhaul

As contestants of the TV show continue to make healthy lifestyle choices and thread their newfound knowledge into everyday life, The Biggest Loser operated by Golden Door Australia is about to welcome their own “fit and fierce” team trainers.

Opening its doors in July 2013, the retreat aims to help achieve lasting body fat loss with a tailored weight-loss program and while some of the features of the hit television show may be incorporated, it’s these three compassionate and supportive, yet firm, individuals who will make visitors accountable.

Leading the team of program professionals at The Biggest Loser Retreat operated by Golden Door Australia, Andrea Baker brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the specialist retreat. The mother of three has been involved in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry for 15 years and is known for her “energy and fun”. Her main area at the retreat will be the Fit’n’Fierce Gym.

“Put simply if you’re not having fun, why do it?,” says Andrea. “We are all a work in progress, with self-belief and support, you can do anything.”

Trainer Michael Kirby has also be in the fitness world for about 15 years. Known affectionately as Mick, the qualified personal trainer’s also adds gym manager, group and aqua fitness instructor, wellness coach and bad joke specialist to his resume. Mick specialises in strength training, circuit style training, boot camp and will be in charge of the outdoor Combat Zone at The Biggest Loser Retreat operated by Golden Door Australia.

Trainer Duncan McDonald has helped thousands of people with his tailored programs from 20 years in the industry and as a Personal Trainer at The Golden Door Health Retreat Queensland. Qualified in physical education and personal training, Duncan will be hanging out in The H.I.T. Gym and prides himself on introducing unstable cable training at the International Fitness Convention almost a decade ago to his fitness industry peers, an incredibly popular training tool today.

Set among 86 hectares of pristine native bushland at the foothills of Mount Wongawallen in the Gold Coast Hinterland, The Biggest Loser Retreat operated by Golden Door Australia offers plenty of room to move with varied, compulsory fitness activities and also yoga, meditation, stretching classes; bushwalking and team challenges, plus cooking classes, style workshops and movement awareness technique, Feldenkrais.

The facilities includes two heated swimming pools; a lap pool; deep water running pool; beach volleyball court; bushwalking tracks; The Hanger (main gym); The H.I.T. Gym (High Intensity Training); Fit ’n’ Fierce Gym; Combat Zone; tennis court; sauna/steam room; The Golden Door Spa; The Boutique gift shop and recreation room.

The retreat will embody The Golden Door’s key philosophies of movement, food, coaching and education, and provide a compassionate yet firm environment for guests who want to begin a health and wellness overhaul.

Renowned expert in nutritional medicine and resident medic of The Biggest Loser Retreat operated by Golden Door, Dr Cris Beer says the program is about making healthy lifestyle choices with simple habits.

“The program is about taking small steps and incorporating your newfound knowledge into maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” she says. “It doesn’t have to be about pain and sacrifices, but is more about a restoration of health and vitality can be achieved.”

People can register their interest to attend now, while bookings for The Biggest Loser Retreat by Golden Door Australia can be made online from June. For further information, please visit or go to