Our Philosophy

The Biggest Loser Program

The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Retreat program is about developing healthy habits, making better choices and seeing positive results through commitment and dedication. It is about information sharing, healthy eating, movement and growth. The ‘Biggest Loser Weight Loss Retreat program by Golden Door’ is about stepping out of the shadows into the limelight and taking pro-active steps to achieve lifelong health and wellbeing.

The Golden Door Australia

The Golden Door Australia has a passion for holistic wellness, believing that balancing one’s mind, body, and spirit will achieve lifelong wellness. That information and empowerment are essential tools in helping people be all they can be and facilitates greater self-discovery, happiness and a more fulfilled life.

Our Food Philosophy

We believe in eating a wholesome and plentiful variety of fresh, minimally processed foods that will boost the metabolism: plenty of colourful vegetables and fruit, a variety of whole grains and legumes and small servings of nuts, seeds and (for non-vegetarians) fish and lean meat. Our menu is designed to ensure that your body gets all the essential nutrients it needs for optimal health.

“We believe that eating the right kinds of foods and preparing them in the healthiest possible way is essential to lifelong health and wellbeing. We believe that eating more food in the way nature intended and limiting fats, added sugars and salt will help our body to be the best it can be.”

Movement Philosophy

We believe that regular movement, both high and low intensity, will help increase energy levels, improve health, provide stress release and increase a person’s enjoyment of life. We believe that discovering ways of moving that are enjoyable, effective, and functional will help to ensure that life-long goals are achieved.

Education Philosophy

We believe that knowledge provides people with the empowerment necessary for making healthier lifestyle choices – encompassing body, mind and spirit. We believe that our information should be relevant, inspiring and the primary trigger for positive sustainable changes in one’s lives.

Coaching Philosophy

Our approach to all that we do, follow the model and principles of “coaching” that focus on increasing self-awareness and generating self-responsibility. This approach is reinforced by ongoing guidance and support which helps to achieve sustainable lifestyle change.

Compassionate Boot Camp

We believe that sometimes ‘tough love’ is necessary to help people realise their full potential. Our compassionate boot camp training philosophy brings compassion and understanding, yet is realistic and honest. We believe that this approach will bring the best out of people and ensure long term success.

Our Team


Andrew MacDonald – General Manager – The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Retreat

Andrew MacDonald is the General Manager of The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Retreat, Gold Coast, Queensland.

He has been involved in the health and exercise field since 1988 where he started his career as a Physical Trainer in the Royal Australian Navy.

Ultimately Andrew’s role at the Retreat is to ensure the team has all the resources and support that they need to help guests realise a healthier and happier life.

Andrew and his wife Katrina actually live on site at the retreat and are responsible for ensuring the guests needs are met when the team go home for a well earned rest. Their two dogs, Nemo and Kara love meeting the guests and will always look forward to the occasional rainforest walk!

Dr Cris

Dr-CrisDr Cristina Beer M.D. – Official Doctor, Health & Nutrition Expert – The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Retreat

BBioMedSci, MBBS (hons), FRACGP, member ACNEM, member AIMA, Personal Fitness Trainer

As an expert in nutritional medicine Dr. Cris specialises not just in the prevention and treatment of illnesses, but in the attaining of optimum health. She believes that this state is achievable for anyone and passionately shares this message as a media personality.

Dr. Cris believes a person can develop resistance to illnesses that plague our society today including premature aging, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, emotional and mental health problems, as well hormonal problems.

By employing simple lifestyle strategies Dr. Cris believes that a restoration of health and vitality can be achieved.

Dr. Cris holds qualifications in medicine, biomedical science, integrative and nutritional medicine, health coaching, as well as personal fitness training.

Dr. Cris is sought after by the media for regular commentary on Juice FM and web TV. She is also a requested speaker at numerous functions and events.

Dr. Cris regularly writes a women’s health column for Indulge magazine. She currently practices on the Gold Coast, Queensland, as a registered medical doctor helping real patients with real health issues everyday.
For more information or for practicing locations go to www.drcris.com.au.


Andrea Baker – Program Manager – The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Retreat

Leading the team of program professionals at The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Retreat by Golden Door, Andrea brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

A strong, motivated and inspirational woman and a mother of three, Andrea has been involved in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry for 15 years.

She is known for her “energy and fun”. Put simply she says “If you’re not having fun, why do it?!”

Andrea loves to train and strives to continue improving her training as she gets older. Andrea says “We are all a work in progress, with self belief and support, you can do ANYTHING!”


MickMichael Kirby – Trainer – The Biggest Loser Retreat

Mick has been in the fitness industry for 15 years. A qualified personal trainer, gym manager, group & aqua fitness instructor, wellness coach and bad joke specialist, Mick specialises in strength training, circuit style training, boot camp training and will be in charge of the outdoor Combat Zone at The Biggest Loser Retreat.

Mick enjoys helping people believe and achieve and loves the motto “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra!!”


Duncan MacDonald – Trainer- The Biggest Loser Retreat

Qualified in physical education and personal training, Duncan is a progressive trainer with over 20 years of experience within the fitness industry. Duncan has literally helped thousands of people over the years with his tailored programs as a Personal Trainer at The Golden Door Health Retreat Queensland.

Duncan has a thirst for knowledge in the areas of sports performance and fat loss. His ability to motivate, challenge and inspire others to achieve their personal best makes him an incredibly popular trainer.


Sharif Deen – Trainer – The Biggest Loser Retreat

Joining the team at The Biggest Loser Retreat, Sharif is a committed CrossFitter and can’t wait to share his knowledge and skills with retreat guests.

At the age of 32 Sharif Deen knew he had to do something about his weight. He applied to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser Television Series 2009, and just 3 months after getting married he started on his journey. He began the show as the heaviest contestant at 178.3kg and at finale he proudly weighed in as part of the final four, losing an incredible 72.5kg and finishing 3rd while setting a couple of records along the way.

Since finishing The Biggest Loser, Sharif has changed careers and now works as a CrossFit Coach and Trainer. Initially starting out as a qualified Personal Trainer attaining Certificates III & IV in fitness, he then pursued his passion for CrossFit attaining a CrossFit Level 1 trainer accreditation.

Through his business SHARIFIT, Sharif now proudly coaches all his clients using the CrossFit method, with the aim of helping them change their lives, as CrossFit has helped him. www.sharifit.com


David Hunter – Executive Chef – The Biggest Loser Retreat

As the National Executive Chef for The Golden Door Health Retreat nationally since 1996, David Hunter has been a pioneer for health cuisine within Australia developing The Golden Door’s very unique food philosophy that is one of the many reasons Golden Door guests keep returning year after year.

David is now spearheading the new menu and cuisine options available to guests at The Biggest Loser Retreat by Golden Door. David remains passionate about providing plentiful, wholesome foods in their most natural form, free from preservatives and additives.

Guests to The Biggest Loser Retreat certainly won’t go hungry, as David and his team provide delicious, healthy and nutritious meals.

The Program

Whether you already exercise three times a week or haven’t ever done a squat, we cater to all levels of fitness and energy levels.

Our team of professionals will ensure you are working to a level within your physical capabilities and will challenge and push you to gain the results you need.

Our program approach is aimed at increasing your fitness levels, with a goal to achieve weight loss.


6.00am Enjoy a guided bush walk on one of our 2 courses.
7.30am A nutritious breakfast to boost your energy for the day and activities that lay ahead.
8.15am-9.45am A health & wellbeing workshop aimed at providing you with the knowledge to make positive lifestyle changes.
10.45am A healthy and nutritious morning tea served in the dining room.
10.00am – 12.00pm Take part in the various daily exercise activities, specifically focusing on cardio improvement and strength conditioning. Test your stamina and strength in one of our fun team challenges!
12.30pm A sumptuous lunch served in the dining room.
1.30pm Aid digestion and assist recovery with our gentle and relaxing stretch class.
2.00pm – 5.30pm A variety of activities available to enjoy including our famous cooking demonstrations. Or, you might wish to indulge at the spa where your relaxing massage, refreshing body treatment or luxurious beauty treatment awaits.
A healthy and nutritious afternoon tea served in the dining room.
5.30pm Be rewarded after a busy day with a mouth watering dinner created by our Executive Chef David Hunter and his team.


Television Program

Description of Television Show

The Biggest Loser is an Australian reality show screened on Channel 10. The show features contestants who are overweight participating in a contest to lose the most percentage of weight, with teams and contestants eliminating each other.

Whilst the television show is not screened at the Retreat, and the presenters do not work at the Retreat, our program simulates some of the philosophies and activities from the television show.

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